Grandparents+Grandchildren portraits {natick family photographer}

August 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Oh, how I wish we never had to say good bye....At the end of July, Grandparents, Jim and Anne said good-bye to their house in Natick of nearly thirty years.  The house where they raised their children, visited with friends and family.  The house where they met their children's future spouses, hosted bridal and baby showers.  The house where their grandchildren came to play in the backyard, drive trains and bikes in the basement and trick-or-treat every year for seven years.  Their house was always just so,  perfectly spotless and always warm and welcoming. 

So while they had to say goodbye to their house, their children and grandchildren had to say good bye to it and them as well. We had all the feels that day.  All of them. 

Husband - Wife | Saying good bye | Emotional Portraits {Natick - Amherst Family Photographer}RememberingJ+A recalling best moments in their home

Husband - Wife | Kiss | Emotional Portraits {Natick - Amherst Family Photographer}Giving a kiss while saying good byeRemembering the good times in their house

4 year old Child | Mischief Maker | Silly Portrait {Natick - Amherst Family Photographer}Grandson in baby tubSometimes we have to be silly to say good bye

Grandma - Grandson hug | Emotional Portrait {Natick - Amherst Family Photographer}Nonni and Connor Hug Good-byeHe will miss her more than she knows

shoes on steps | last time here | bye house {Natick - Amherst Family Photographer}Bye Houseshoes on steps

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Vibe Drums

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I recently received and e-mail from my dad asking me if I could photograph our Vibe Drum for his website (he manufactures and sells them). So what did I do? I took our beautiful drum out for a walk and a photoshoot.  I love this drum, we play it every night at bedtime and anytime we need a little soul soothing.  

(Our next one will be the stardust finish in a different scale...I just love that finish!)


Product photography - red drum- vibe drum {Amherst MA photographer}Vibe drum by the river Product photography-red drum-vibe drum {Amherst MA Photographer}Red Vibe Drum featuring a golden sparkle Product photography-red drum-vibe drum {Amherst, MA Photographer}Vibe Drum in the woods

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It's an honor

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I am part of another Project 52 this year, I didn't totally complete last year's, but I am making every effort to this year.  In any event, I was featured in last week's theme "Shapes".  Definitely go show that blog a little love, check out my photo and all of the other amazingly talented photographers that have been featured!



Photography-Aquarium-Jellyfish {Amherst, MA Photographer}7/52 Shapes

Bath portraits

February 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Tub time portraits are some of my faves.  Not only does the bath calm my guys down but I get pictures of their lovely, lily white skin.  Wyguy was game for some tub time portraits and we had loads of fun being silly, with him directing me what to photograph.  This boy is such a card!

Kids, am I right?

February 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

One of the things about having a child (that no one tells you), is that suddenly your life is full of toys.  I mean, just brimming with toys!  I remember that right around the time that the toy overflow started, I could not have been more annoyed.  It felt like everywhere I looked there was another new toy.  And then...then he started to outgrow some of his toys. He stopped carrying that well worn, loved Mickey around with him everywhere.  Duplos were replaced with Legos, Little People were replaced with superheroes just as onesies were exchanged for shirts and Pull-ups for underwear. When those things happened, well, I became a little melancholy for those old toys that marked my children's interests at different stages of their growing lives. I realized that photographing those well loved toys were just as important to documenting the process of childhood and growing up as photographing my actual children.   So, a project began and somewhere in there I came to find that I just love, love, love, photographing my children's toys.  Especially, when they request that I make their toy "do" something, like drive along the street or "be in space", or arrest the bad guy.  Yep, children's toys, who knew?


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