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Baby Wesley | New England Newborn

March 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I met Jaymie and Alicia when I photographed their engagement session, then their wedding and now I was able to meet the newest addition to this beautiful family, Baby Wesley.  Jaymie and Alicia are taking to motherhood like ducks to water and its so lovely to see this next step in their lives. 

 To say that this is one handsome boy is an understatement, his hair, those eyes, gorgeous!  He was wide awake and didn't want to miss a moment of his session.  Such a doll! It was great fun to meet him and visit one of my favorite couples again.   Mom kissing newbornMom Kissing BabyAlicia gives W a smooch. Two moms, newbornMoms share a momentAlicia looks on NewbornNewborn toesbaby toes! NewbornMom and newbornJaymie snuggles W

My Boys-Exploring MassMOCA | Amherst Child and Family Portrait Photographer

January 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Last summer, my boys and I explored MassMOCA with a friend and her boys.  We had a blast, though my youngest had a hard time not touching the exhibits. (He's very tactile.)  We had a lovely time and I can't wait to take them again to see the VR exhibition!  (Maybe I can even convince my Hubs to go!)


Don't forget them as they grow! | Amherst Family photographer

January 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Babies, oh my, the sweetness of them!  When we, parents think of hiring a professional photographer for portraits of our children, we often focus on those newborn moments and that first birthday.  And who can blame us?  Those developmental milestones are a big deal, that first year of baby's life you feel like a success!  You did it!!! One whole year, of caring for this ever changing being that flipped your life upside down in the most wonderful way imaginable! (I know my oldest son's first birthday party was for him, but it was definetely for me a little bit, I couldn't believe I had mothered him, without breaking him for a year. A YEAR!)

Then before you know it they are walking, then running and the last thing on your mind as you collapse into bed after a day of "no's" and tantrums and potty accidents and snuggles and hugs and mud and bugs and laughs is setting up a portrait session.  But believe me, there will be a time when that baby is climbing into the school bus for kindergarten and you will think, "Oh, when did my baby get so big?"  All the milestones are important, first steps, first birthdays, first days at elementary, middle and high school.  Don't forget them as they grow, that tween will be a teen before you know it, that toddler will be in kindergarten in the blink of an eye.  Let's get together, let me document these fleeting days. I can't wait to get to know you and your family.


(From top left: Wyatt, age 1, Wyatt age 5, Connor age 1 1/2, Connor age 8)

Child photographer, portrait photographyDon't forget them as they grow


Grandparents+Grandchildren portraits {natick family photographer}

August 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Oh, how I wish we never had to say good bye....At the end of July, Grandparents, Jim and Anne said good-bye to their house in Natick of nearly thirty years.  The house where they raised their children, visited with friends and family.  The house where they met their children's future spouses, hosted bridal and baby showers.  The house where their grandchildren came to play in the backyard, drive trains and bikes in the basement and trick-or-treat every year for seven years.  Their house was always just so,  perfectly spotless and always warm and welcoming. 

So while they had to say goodbye to their house, their children and grandchildren had to say good bye to it and them as well. We had all the feels that day.  All of them. 

Husband - Wife | Saying good bye | Emotional Portraits {Natick - Amherst Family Photographer}RememberingJ+A recalling best moments in their home

Husband - Wife | Kiss | Emotional Portraits {Natick - Amherst Family Photographer}Giving a kiss while saying good byeRemembering the good times in their house

4 year old Child | Mischief Maker | Silly Portrait {Natick - Amherst Family Photographer}Grandson in baby tubSometimes we have to be silly to say good bye

Grandma - Grandson hug | Emotional Portrait {Natick - Amherst Family Photographer}Nonni and Connor Hug Good-byeHe will miss her more than she knows

shoes on steps | last time here | bye house {Natick - Amherst Family Photographer}Bye Houseshoes on steps

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Vibe Drums

March 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I recently received and e-mail from my dad asking me if I could photograph our Vibe Drum for his website (he manufactures and sells them). So what did I do? I took our beautiful drum out for a walk and a photoshoot.  I love this drum, we play it every night at bedtime and anytime we need a little soul soothing.  

(Our next one will be the stardust finish in a different scale...I just love that finish!)


Product photography - red drum- vibe drum {Amherst MA photographer}Vibe drum by the river Product photography-red drum-vibe drum {Amherst MA Photographer}Red Vibe Drum featuring a golden sparkle Product photography-red drum-vibe drum {Amherst, MA Photographer}Vibe Drum in the woods

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